Kalbi Ribs – Korean Beef Short-rib

Kalbi Ribs

Kalbi Ribs

Korean Beef Short-Rib – Kalbi Ribs (Galbi)

Kalbi Ribs! Ahhhhhh, the mere mention of this delightful, delectable dish makes my mouth water.  I am in pure foodie lust for this dish and have been for many, many years.

Being that our household consists of avid UNLV Rebel Football (and basketball) fans it is no surprise to anyone that we participate in the tailgates that take place pre-game.  The Hawaii game is my absolute favorite without a doubt. The only time I secretly cheer for the visiting team! (shhhh don’t tell the DH! )  UNLV alternates with Hawaii as to where the game is played. Every other year we host this game and the tailgates are INSANE. Our home city being dubbed the 9th Island brings a large array of the Hawaiian people and their culture and this means I am in heaven! Their is a loving, down home, next door neighbor vibe that occurs at this event.  Well, during the tailgate anyway.  The minute the fans step inside the stadium all bets are off.  Hawaii loves their football and are not shy about it.  The most fun in a college stadium I’ve ever experienced but then again, I’m biased.

This year happened to be one of the years we hosted and let me tell you I was ready to make these babies at the start of the season! Not that I really need a reason to make them but hey, sometimes an excuse is the perfect segway to a dish you have been craving.

I realize that this dish is dubbed the Korean Beef Short-rib however in Hawaii and here on the mainland it is known as Kalbi Ribs.  Kalbi Ribs are on of the tenderest, salty, sweet, and a little spicy bite you will ever enjoy and there is no doubt the finger licking will ensue. These did not last very long and why should they? They are phenomenal.

If you take your time and do not try to rush the marinating process, you will NOT be disappointed.  This is the most important step as the actual cooking time is anywhere from 10 – 14 minutes on the trusty BBQ.  These are absolutely perfect for marinating and taking to a party to grill or grilling at home and transporting hot to wherever you are going.

Quick Tip: Ask the butcher to cut these for you! Be sure to ask for beef chuck, cut flanken syle, this means across the bone! You may be hard pressed to find these packaged and ready to go in your local grocery store.


Pro Tip! Want a non-stick grilling experience?  This marinade contains brown sugar which is often prone to sticking at high heat.  To avoid this simply soak a folded paper towel in cooking oil and using tongs, oil the grill prior to placing on the ribs and in between the flip if necessary.

Want the perfect side to make with this dish?  Check out my Sweet & Spicy Jicima Slaw !

Let me know how they turned out! I’d love to hear 🙂

Now, let’s get cooking!





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